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Starting a new project such as a kitchen is hugely exciting but also a bit daunting.  It's hard to know quite where to start or what you need to consider. We’ve put together a simple guide to help you get started.   If you’re anything like me you’ll get straight onto Pinterest and buy a huge pile of glossy home magazines. And whilst there is nothing wrong with that. Having an idea of the style of kitchen you want is great. To make sure it's the perfect kitchen for you there are a few things other things worth giving some consideration. Think carefully about how you plan on using your kitchen. Over the past few years, one of the most common requests we have had is to create a multi-use space where clients can cook, eat, open the post, entertain and help with the children’s homework. It’s a reflection of the way many of us are choosing to live these days. Dining rooms are increasingly redundant, sacrificed to create a single, larger space where people can gather.


Ok, this doesn’t sound like fun but is a worthwhile exercise.  Have a clear out of your current kitchen. What do you use a lot?  What do you no longer need? What would you like out on display? What do you want to be hidden away?  

What do you love about your current kitchen? Enough storage?   Wine rack, bookshelf, workspace, What is your kitchen missing?  What functions will the room need to serve, most kitchens now are much more than just a food preparation room with families spending 25% of their home time in the kitchen?  What do you need from yours?


Islands are becoming increasingly popular.  They provide a work zone and social hub as well as delivering an additional workstation.  It is worth considering what you want from your island. An extra work station housing the sink and dishwasher?  Additional sockets, USB points for charging laptops and phones, a sunken wine chiller, barstools and integrated bag hooks as a social hub.  Cool marble top and a herb planter if you're a keen baker. The possibilities are plentiful. 

Understand the existing plumbing and consider where you will place your sink, oven, dishwasher, fridge Also consider about where smaller appliances will live or be used and ensure you have the plumbing and electricity points exactly where you need them to be.


Clever lighting can make a huge difference in how a kitchen feels.  It's worth considering having a lighting solution that offers flexibility and that you can regulate independently.  Spot-lights above cooking and preparation areas offers practical lighting for tasks. Consider lighting that enables you to change the mood of the room as the function of the room changes.  We can help with this or put you in touch with lighting designers if you wish.


Ok, this is the fun bit (at least I think it is).  You can really get lost down a Pinterest rabbit hole with each kitchen being more beautiful than the last.  I often find the kitchens I love contradict each other… country rustic style vs ultra modern. I love them all.  It's worth thinking about the age and style of your house, considering the other people in your house, and also referring back to point 1.  Practicality. Some looks will work better with your practical requirements than others. But go for it… build your Pinterest boards, pull out pages in your magazine.  It doesn’t have to just be kitchens. You may fall in love with a tap or a plate… make notes and share them with us. We LOVE to look at all things kitchen.


At this point, it would be a great idea to give us a call.  You’ve done all your homework... We can sit with you and help you get the maximum potential from your space.  We’ll bring our own ideas and experience, possibly things that you may not have considered. We have up-to-date knowledge of products, fixtures, fittings, accessories and finishes and can produce or source them all on your behalf.


If you have a project in mind, kitchen, bathroom or furniture, we’d love to hear from you.  Get in touch (contact form) or follow us on (social media icons) to see what we are working on...

It's really helpful at this stage if we can have a really clear budget.  It helps us to understand the starting point. We can do clever things to reduce costs, for example, open shelving is not only a really modern choice but is less expensive than closed cupboards.  We can discuss finishes and materials as an option to keep costs manageable too. As a guide, a small kitchen costs approximately £25k, a medium kitchen £35k and a large £45 fully fitted.  

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